Your Marketing AI Agent

A marketing AI trained for Your Brand & Audience that generates targeted content and publish them on

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AI Employees to Empower Marketers

Socail Media Content Generator AI

Generates on going social media posts from your assets, other's content, or from a simple keyword.

Social Media Manager AI

Schedules and monitors generated social media content automatically.

Blog Writer and

Writes blogs, adds special sections to the blogs, optimizes the blogs for search engines, and publishes them everyday.

They learn and adjust based on analytics and your feedback

How it works

Step 1

Join our waitlist

Because of the insane amount of demand, we have decided to on-board everyone slowly to serve you to the best of our abilities.

Step 2

Customize Your AI

Once you are granted access, complete your profile, connect your marketing channels to guide our AI to the right direction.


Watch it grow

That's it. All you need to do now is to moderate the content and give our model feedback to maximize your profit.

Built by Marketers for Marketers.

Does Contentify help to rank on Google?
Yes, it does.

Does Contentify help me get more followers?
Yes, it does.

Does Contentify help me get more sales?
Yes, it does.

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